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My name is Matthew Hall, and since 2010 I have been working in Philadelphia and beyond as a digital and film photographer.

I love the documentary aspect of wedding photography, the idea that the images I am capturing will be the starting point of stories you tell deep into the future. I am fascinated by the process of contributing to your family’s historical record.

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    Photo Aside: EZ Photo Challenge in Easton, PA

    If you follow along with me on the social media channels I give more love to than this oft-forsaken blog, you might know that a few weeks ago I drove up to Easton, PA to shoot with two other photographers in a photography challenge. It was NOT a contest of any sort, but rather a […]

  • Congratulations, Steven and Christine!
  • bride and groom at fairfiled univeristy wedding

    Tina + Brian {Fairfield, CT Wedding Photography}

    Weddings are full of joy. Usually, it is the excitement of the couple that carries the day. As a wedding photographer, you learn to tap into it and let it carry you along and provide the energy and focus that the day demands. Then you get the call. One of your close friends from way […]

  • Judith + Randy at the Art Alliance     {Philadelphia Wedding Photography}

    Judith + Randy at the Art Alliance {Philadelphia Wedding Photography}

    What keeps wedding photography fresh and exciting as the years go by? The couples. That’s it. Over and over again, I am given pause by how much I can enjoy meeting new couples and seeing how different they are from one another. Often times, weddings skew younger…there is hub-bub and to-do, bridesmaids excited and flustered […]

  • Will + Luann     {Anthony Wayne House Wedding}

    Will + Luann {Anthony Wayne House Wedding}

    This beautiful country wedding is going back in the archives a bit, and for some reason it never came up in my blogging queue. Which is funny, because this is just the kind of wedding I love to photograph. I’ve been shooting so much in Philadelphia recently, and there’s lots to be said for working […]