Rebecca and Miguel {Easton, PA Wedding Photography}

bank_street_annex_wedding (20)We’re gonna start with that image. Because I love it. Not just because I loved working with Miguel and Rebecca, not just because this photograph kind of instantly raised the bar for what I am willing to accept out of myself….I love it because of how this image happened.

It was one of those days where I felt as if I was just cruising along. I have my routine. I have my way of doing things, and in general it works. I was making nice pictures (see below!). We had a good bit of down time after the ceremony and before the reception, and we got to spend much of that time in the wonderful upstairs rooms at the Bank Street Annex in Easton. Not much was happening, and I wanted to do something that showed off the fanciness of the rooms.

During weddings, I am mostly a natural light photographer (at least up until the reception). But this day, I looked over at my lighting bag, and decided I wanted to take out the big umbrella, the Photek Softlighter II, and do something fashiony. Rebecca was game for draping herself all over that chair, Miguel perched himself on the table, and we got the shot in just a couple tries.

Photographers often say that the equipment does not make the photographer, and that is true. But the roll equipment can play in driving creativity should also not be overlooked. It was my equipment that motivated me to take this image, and it is the lights that make the image. Ask me sometime about the stuff I use! I love it all for different reasons, but most of all, I love it because it helps me take the images I want to take.

But enough about me! To Rebecca and Miguel!

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