Judith + Randy at the Art Alliance {Philadelphia Wedding Photography}

What keeps wedding photography fresh and exciting as the years go by? The couples. That’s it. Over and over again, I am given pause by how much I can enjoy meeting new couples and seeing how different they are from one another.

Often times, weddings skew younger…there is hub-bub and to-do, bridesmaids excited and flustered as the ceremony approaches and the small details are fretted over. This is, after all, The Big Day. The big new beginning.

Which brings us to Judith and Randy’s fantastic Art Alliance wedding. This day was calm. Serene. Peaceful. Quiet and confident. The small group of friends and family gathered in the courtyard for pre-ceremony champagne and hugs and catchings-up, and then moved to that amazing central staircase and smiled big smiles as the bride and groom exchanged their vows.

Then it was down to Le Cheri for a meal far above and beyond the typical wedding catering. This meal was serious business.

And after that, that was it. Simple, sweet, wonderful day. I have had the pleasure of running into Judith and Randy a couple times at Philadelphia Orchestra events as well, and it’s always great to stay in touch.

As a fun aside, the wedding was also covered by the New York Times, who sent their own photographer. Pity that I couldn’t just have one of my dream employers run a few of my photos, but it was also fun rubbing elbows with one of their photographers and watching her work.