Simplified pricing. Affordable quality.

1 Photographer. 10 Hours.

500 Pictures


2 Photographers. 10 Hours.

600 Pictures


Wedding photography pricing can be presented in a dizzying array of options. So let’s keep it simple to start off. I prefer photographing your full wedding day, so that is what I offer as a starting point.

You get your images on a USB drive and in an online gallery, in both printable and shareable resolutions. You can order your own prints, or order them from the gallery.

Not interested in 10 hours? Let me know. I have photographed wedding as short as 1 hour, and as long as 18 hours over three days. Tell me about your wedding, and let’s build the photography you want.

Decent photographers are not cheap. But great photography shouldn’t be limited to high-end couples, either. My hope is that my prices are competitive enough to get you the great photography you want within your budget planning.

Yes, I know that my pricing will still be too high for some, and that is ok. Let me know your budget, and I will let you know what I can do within it. I want to be your photographer, so please ask!

Your wedding collection possibilities are nearly limitless, so let’s make a custom collection based on your budget and needs. Books, prints, and other heirloom-quality products ensure that the investment you make in you photos will pay off for decades to come. DVDs might go obsolete, hard drives might fail, links might get lost. Printed photographs are never passe, and always accessible.

Wedding photography pricing can vary quite a bit, but a collection that includes a beautiful 12×12 50-page book costs around $3,800 and is a great way to make your photographs, and the memories tied to them, permanent.