Bonnie and Joe’s Rustic Barn Wedding {Dallas, PA Wedding Photography}

I always love the chance to get out of the city. It’s pretty easy to do around here, although I rarely seem to escape the grip of the suburbs. Last Saturday, I had the chance to head north a couple hours to Dallas, PA, and shoot Bonnie and Joe’s wedding at the very-spiffing Friedman Farms…active horse stable on the ground floor, jaw-droppingly pretty event space above, and acre upon acre of fields, running fences, trees, you name it. Add to that the fact that the couple had the foresight to order absolutely brilliant weather, and you had the makings of a wonderful day.

Thanks so much to the excellent Kate Efimova for helping out.

F 400TMax

From a photography standpoint, the day was all about light. I mean, isn’t it always, but no seriously. Just off the room where Bonnie was getting ready, there was this big loft area (where the ceremony would have been if it hadn’t been the most beautiful day in creation outdoors). It was all dark wood and rustic, but there were three small windows high up on the wall, just beaming down these intense shafts of light.


400TMax. Same light, different angle.

100TMax. Technically speaking, still the same light. Just outside, walking into it directly. I was in a backlighting kind of mood, I guess.

Provia 100, which I don’t hate. Because the day was about color, too

Thanks again to Bonnie and Joe and their families for having us up to record the day! I’m looking forward to my next chance to get in the car and just go for a bit, and end up some place beautiful and interesting and new.