We Love The Moon

Those of you who were paying attention to the more aggressively psychedelic advertisements of the last several years might recall a Quizzno’s TV spot featuring these furry, bad-teethed things called Spong Monkeys, singing a song called “We Love the Subs,” which was based off of this internet oddity called “We Like the Moon.”

First off, congrats to the guys at rathergood.com for being able to sell the rights to this trainwreck. I wish I had the same selling power.

Why tell this story? Because I like the moon. Especially how each night it is in a different place and looks slightly different, and how it looks is entirely dependent on how it is lit, which is from a single source (I’ve heard it’s a big softbox or something with alien bees inside of it…although the government won’t tell us for sure). Taking a round object like an apple (or an egg) and playing around with the placement of the light, you can learn quite a bit very quickly about how light and shadow shape objects. This is a single light, camera right, through an umbrella, if you’re looking for particulars. What kind of light? A fluorescent desk lamp, if you must know. Below not-fancy-at-all level, but I like playing around with very minimal gear and having to patch together solutions so that, when I’m using real gear, it’s that much easier.