Download “Salvage” by Powerloader

Album cover

And for something more or less completely different. I can say with some certainty that this is my first album cover. Back in the spring, I had the chance to photograph a session with Powerloader, a band consisting of my friend Dan Consiglio, and Patrick Richardson, who played with Dan in Wormrider. You get extra points if you see the sci-fi theme going on here.

It’s always great when you can photograph a band and totally dig their music, too; it helps you understand what the right photograph to take is. (I got to photograph one of my favorite local bands, the Levee Drivers…at a wedding, no less. They are a very different band, but you should get your hands on their music, too.). It’s also great when you have a friend with whom you can be completely honest when you say their music is compelling. Warning: this is not what I would call “pop” music.

Check it out, and download the music here. Thank me next time we meet up while wearing alien-fighting robotic forklift suits.

New wedding images coming up!


Until then, cheers!