This Weekend: Ferry Fest 8

Each year around this time, my friend’s band, Harper’s Ferry, heads down to WestVirginia for a weekend of “camping” and music. Those quotation marks are meant to qualify the word camping, because there are those of us who think that camping is best done deep in the wilderness with a tent and a three-days’ walk and no shower, and there are those of us who think that camping is anything that does not involve the fine china. This camping trip does not involve the fine china.

It does include a centrally air conditioned cabin, fridge, microwave, pool, and fully equipped band that plays the rock and roll just like I like it.

I will be feeding people with another attempt at my famous-like-a-small-market-tv-weatherman brined chicken, and of course terrorizing the campground with my camera. This was a fun event to shoot last year; I got to mix up shooting children both static and in motion), food, fantastic scenery, and of course the band, which offers a lot of opportunity to play around with light and motion. These are some shots from last year. I’ll post images from this year once my hands are no longer wrapped around a camera and a beer.