Tina + Brian {Fairfield, CT Wedding Photography}

Weddings are full of joy. Usually, it is the excitement of the couple that carries the day. As a wedding photographer, you learn to tap into it and let it carry you along and provide the energy and focus that the day demands.

Then you get the call. One of your close friends from way back when is getting married, and they want you to photograph the wedding. Then, it’s not just the emotion of the couple…this is an important person in your life, and you can share directly in that joy and celebration.

So it was when Tina got in touch several months ago. We were good friends back at Fairfield U, and I would have bent over backwards to get to photograph her big day. And since she now lives on the same road as the university, and was having the ceremony and portraits on campus, I was prepared to bend over backwards to photograph the wedding.

Other friends were also involved in the day. Kerry and Rebecca were in the wedding party. Sidebar: when Tina asked me to shoot the wedding, she insisted there would be no bridal party. Real small and simple, she said. She ended up with 12 bridesmaids.

And Kristie Kistner, another dear college friend who has a photography business in Connecticut, was able to help me out second shooting.

I loved it. Now that I am done with the photos, and the gallery has been delivered, it’s really pleasant to think about what I have contributed to a friend’s life. Decades from now, when her grandkids are looking at the photo album during some family holiday, they’ll be looking at the work of a good friend. That makes me feel good.

Plus, it was a great wedding. Congratulations to Tina and Brian, and many many many best wishes as they continue their lives together.