Congratulations Kristy and Eric! {Old Mill Wedding, Rose Valley, PA}

Great people getting married deserve high-fives. I knew Kristy from a restaurant where we both used to work, and even though I hadn’t seen her in a bit, we reconnected, and I ended up having the chance to work with her and Eric on their wedding. Fantastic! I’ve gone on before a out how important rapport is in choosing a wedding photographer, so it is always calming knowing, going into things, that the couple is calm, cool, and collected, and that they day is going to be beautiful and compelling.




Brides: get yourself a demi-veil. Seriously. I will still like you even if you don’t have one, but really. Get yourself a demi-veil. Or a fascinator at the very least.




Demi-veil. Seriously, folks.


If you can’t get a demi-veil, maybe some custard will fill the void.


So that’s the Kristy side of pre-wedding things. Eric will get his turn next. He will not be wearing a demi-veil.