Mistakes Were Made.


There was really only one photograph that I wanted to make when I was on vacation with my family this summer. As it turns out, I had misremembered what I thought I wanted to photograph, and what I wanted to photograph did not exist. So I didn’t get the shot.

What I did get was plenty of time to play around with everything else that happened around me, and part of that was shooting with a Holga and not really caring about all the knob-twisting and exposing and all that jazz that can occupy the mind while taking pictures. And speaking of occupies minds, I was apparently mentally on vacation, too…my Holga had gotten itself set to read the film numbers for a 16-exposure, 645 format setup, even though the camera still had its 6×6 mask in. So I was advancing the film according to 645 markings, and shooting with 6×6 equipment, which meant that everything overlaps. I don’t have individual images…I have a few long, uninterrupted strips of beachiness.

This is the kind of mistake that cannot be made on a digital camera. Actually, it can’t even be made on a decent film camera. Sure, there are double exposures, but this endless stretch of exposed film is the product of letting myself go a bit, shooting with a toy, and being okay that the result is quirky. Long live quirk.

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Holga 120N; Ektachrome (cross processed), Pro160C, Portra 160NC (expired)