House Taken Over 1

Since I’ve been apologizing for being away from the blog for a bit, and talking about how busy I’ve been, it’s probably best that I put up some things that I have been working on….We’ll start with a series of images that I think might be completed.

The astute reader might recognize a Julio Cortazar title here, and indeed that is where the title comes from. If you don’t know about Cortazar, he was an Argentinian writer who could probably be occasionally described as surrealist, absurdist, or post-modern. There are a handful of short stories that deal with the Freudian idea that, in dream analysis, buildings often represent the self. Cortazar comments in stories such as “Letter to a Young Lady in Paris” that the arrangement of objects in a house is a manifestation of the soul, and in “House Taken Over,” each room that the story moves through can be read as an element of the young self that is closed off as the two characters age.

I’ll spare you a full synopsis of the story, because it doesn’t take that long to read, and, as Pablo Neruda said, not having read Cortazar is a serious, sad disease, akin to never having eaten peaches.