It’s Not Fair.

A quick break from blogging about gigs so I can whine a bit about how awful my life is, as clearly shown in the above shot (no, that is not me in the background. I’m behind the camera).

I’m not one who gets sick very often. In fact, I’m quite sure I did not get so much as a cold this past winter (perhaps something to do with not being in a classroom full of students all day). So it really just burns me up that on my first beach vacation of the year, and not even two full days into it, wham-o! Head cold with a vengeance. Throw in a migraine for fun. Had to go on the DayQuil diet, or the store-brand equivalent thereof. Spent the last day of my vacation staring blankly into space wondering how two orange pills could so totally defeat both my cognition and volition.

Sick at the beach. How awful is that?

Before my life took a turn for the worse, I was able to snap off a few pretty good shots of my daughter discovering that she is a beach-bum-in-waiting. Her favorite thing to do was just to tear around, going hog-wild. She also really enjoyed picking up a handful of wet sand from over here, running over to there, and then throwing the sand down. The kid knows how to blow through the kilocalories. Which results in epic napping. So maybe it’s not all bad.

I’m on my third cup of tea today. Had to switch over to Sleepytime, so that the NyQuil doesn’t have to have a fight with the caffeine. I wouldn’t want to step between those two when ires are raised.