Since the weather here continues to be downright winter-like, it seemed germane to continue with the shots of ice. Here, a leaf is frozen in an icicle. One of my favorite color combinations is the crisp, maybe even “fresh” brown color of newly dried leaves in the fall, blanketing the forest floor, punctuated by the vertical strokes of almost-black, rain-soaked tree trunks. This is not a picture of that. But the leaf is that color, and I think the light bouncing around in the ice, and the rock seen through the ice, makes up a nice little image itself.

Also continuing on with a couples thoughts on abstraction, it really is incredible, I think, how rotating an image 90 degrees one way or the other greatly enhances the abstract qualities of an image like this. The images in the previous post is rotated as well, and I’ve even caught myself look out my back window at the icicles hanging from by porch roofing, with my head tilted to the side. Georg Baselitz has long appreciated the effects of an additional 90 degrees of rotation.