Adam Web at Milkboy

A couple weeks ago I had the pleasure of shooting Adam Web and his band at Milkboy in Center City Philadelphia. Adam was releasing his latest CD Pendulum, or album, or digital files collection or whatever…all I know is that physical discs containing music were available for purchase. The show benefited Philabundance, which is a very important hunger charity organization in Philadelphia. Good music, good cause, good venue…what’s better than that?

Adam describes his music as optimistic acoustifunk, and even though I’ve had to explain that term to just about everyone I mention it to, I think it’s actually a pretty non-obfuscatory label, if you know what I mean. And explaining in words what unfamiliar music sounds like is a fools game. But I digress.

Upbeat, happy, songs about loving people and life…it’s good stuff, and the band sounded solid. Of course, they had an electric violin (played by Nyke Van Wyk), and technically that’s cheating in the same way that bacon is cheating in cooking, since once you have an electric violin, or bacon, I mean, where can you go from there?

If bacon had strings, it'd have one more than expected, too.