Congratulations, James and Amanda! {Philadelphia Wedding Photography}

James and Amanda celebrated a small, classy, simple wedding aboard the Moshulu in the Delaware River back in the first few days of 2014. Here’s wishing them all the best!

Bridal bouquet groom with parents groom with parents practicing the toast pinning corsages

Of course, weddings are fun events pretty much all the time. The true test of a relationship is when adversity strikes. Which in this case came right about ceremony time, when the hired officiant did not show up and couldn’t be reached. Amazingly enough, panic did not set in, tempers did not flare, and cheese plates appeared. An alternate officiant was somehow found, and she arrived and provided a wonderful, warm ceremony for these two very deserving people.

exchanging vows wedding ceremony Bride and groom

I cannot thank James and Amanda, and their families, enough, for how they handled an incredibly…um…incredible situation. Everyone can be on good behavior when all is going well. But when people actually become more pleasant when the situation is dire…that means you are among good people.

The staff of the Moshulu also deserve credit. They brought out the hors d’oevres, a cheese plate materialized, cocktail hour was moved up to right now while the officiant got herself down to the boat, and it was all done with kindness, care, and attention.

Wedding dinner Best man's toast groom bride

I had the easy job. I photographed good-looking people dressed well and laughing at fate.