Color-Conordiated Arninj Printzels; or, Otto as He Should Be.

I went back and forth on this one, trying to decide if I should leave the orange orange. I eventually decided that the color was a bit ostentatious, a bit garish. At least for this image. I found myself looking at it, especially on a black background, thinking, “Holy cow that’s an orange orange!” And then I had to tangle with the temptation of cranking the vibrancy and saturation in Lightroom and turning this into an Electric Alien Fruit Slice, and…and…just all that orange.

Before we go any further, I think we all need to be honest with each other on how we pronounce that color. Are you one of the “Ore-inj” people, or are you one of the “Arnj” people? My sister used to pronounce it “Arninj”.

The problem with the color version was that I found it distracted from the texture and light, which is what I really dig this image. Take the color away, and you are left with a subtle and interesting surface with a nice, diffuse reflectiveness. Besides, it’s not as if anyone is going to have a hard time imagining the image in color, if that’s what you do. It’s an orange. It’s orange. Really really ore-inj, even for an arnj.

I blahg blahg blahgged enough about taking shots like this yesterday, and all the reasoning still applies. In fact, the two were shot just several minutes apart, and there are more to come.