I’m Kinda In Love.

Among my new acquisitions recently is a circa-1980 Bronica SQ 6×6 medium format film camera. I am smitten.

This is my first time shooting 120 film, as well as shooting on a camera that has no light meter. I think, so far, it is going well. what I really love is the negatives. They’re big. They have lots of details. They’re beautiful. They play nicely with being scanned (even though the lab scanned them as low-res JPEGs and not hi-res TIFFs…. Grr. Argh.). And the resulting images just have a look to them. I recognize how intangible that is, but still.

Plus, the viewfinder! the viewfinder on my D300s now makes me feel a little claustrophobic. The SQ’s is huge, and makes manual focusing almost easy. Love love love.

So now I’m trying out a few different films, looking to come to a better understanding of what each offers. Tri-X 400, T-Max 400, Ilford Delta 100 and 3200, and I’m looking for their SFX 200. Looking forward to learning this thing inside and out.